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Soaking rain, thunderstorms to return to northeastern US this weekend

Heavy rain and thunderstorms will spread over the Northeast, threatening outdoor activities on Sunday.

Storm systems will move swiftly from west to east across the northern tier of the nation through this weekend. That means the weather from one day to the next will vary significantly.

"The weekend will start rainy with showers pushing off the Atlantic coast during Friday night," according to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams.

Even though this first system is forecast to weaken upon crossing the Northeastern states, some locations can be hit with a drenching thunderstorm.

The best bet for a game of golf, a swim or soaking up some sunshine will be during Saturday morning and afternoon.

"The next round of showers and thunderstorms will overtake the region during the second half of the weekend," Abrams said.

Those with outdoor construction projects in much of West Virginia and southern and western Virginia may want to get an early start on Saturday. Downpours can spread over these states later in the day Saturday.

Downpours will expand northeastward over the rest of the mid-Atlantic during Saturday night and continue on Sunday. Rain will reach much of New England during Sunday.

Enough rain could fall to cause water to collect in poor drainage areas and on some city streets.

"There is the potential for strong to locally severe thunderstorms on Sunday," Abrams said. "The system coming in later this weekend will be strengthening, and it is the right time of year to expect nasty storms in such a situation."

Some communities in the mid-Atlantic and southern New England could be hit with strong wind gusts, hail and frequent lightning strikes.

As the downpours cross major highways and storms approach major airports, significant travel delays can occur.

MLB fans heading to the parks at Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston should be prepared for the storms and interruptions to play.

However, rather than most areas drying out, unsettled conditions are likely.

"With cool air aloft and strong June sunshine heating the ground, midday to evening thunderstorms are likely to dot the Northeast on a daily basis during the first part of next week," Abrams said.

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