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Large tornado leaves trail of damage across Kansas on Wednesday

A strong, powerful tornado moved across north-central Kansas on Wednesday, leaving a trail of damage in its wake.

"The tornado developed around 6 p.m. CDT near Minneapolis, Kansas," AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Amber McGinnis said.

The tornado tracked near the towns of Solomon, Abilene and Chapman. It remained just to the north of Interstate 70 before crossing the road near Chapman.

"It lifted southeast of Chapman, Kansas around 8:30 p.m. CDT," McGinnis said.

Numerous buildings were damaged along its path as well as overturning cars.

"There have also been reports of railroad track damage along its path," McGinnis said.

At some points during its track, the tornado was estimated to be over a half of a mile wide.

At this time, no injuries or deaths have been reported.

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The storm responsible for this tornado is continuing to track to the southeast and is expected to stay to the south of Topeka. Those traveling along Interstate 335 between Topeka and Emporia will want to use caution.