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Eastern US weather to feel like summertime into Memorial Day

Summerlike warmth will make it feel like the 90s F at times in the eastern United States through Memorial Day weekend, despite localized rainfall.

The weather through the holiday weekend will offer opportunities to some spend time outdoors in shorts, short sleeves and sunglasses.

Eighty-degree air that has already made its presence known in the Midwestern and Southern states as well as northern New England will expand through the coastal mid-Atlantic states at midweek.

The storm responsible for the cool air, showers and thunderstorms in the Northeast since the weekend will dissolve and move away at midweek.

The stage is set for long-awaited warmth in the mid-Atlantic region that will have some staying power.

"At long last, we have some consistency in the warmth department for the second half of this week and the holiday weekend," according to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams.

High temperatures will climb into the 80s most days in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York City from Wednesday through Memorial Day. AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures will spike into the 90s for a few hours during the afternoon in the major cities. Actual high temperatures may touch 90 in some cities.

The weather will get warm enough for some to turn on air conditioners or fans.

Meanwhile, a wedge of cooler air will push southward into New England this weekend. Even with the cooler air, temperatures will still be higher on a consistent basis than they have been for a long time. Some coastal areas of eastern New England could dip into the 60s. However, where the sun is out over inland areas, temperatures can bounce back into the 70s and 80s.

While summerlike warmth will be the general rule, the weather will not be dry everywhere through Memorial Day weekend.

A couple of rounds of showers and thunderstorms will swing in from the Midwest and reach parts of the central Appalachians and northern New England into the first part of the weekend. Through Saturday, most of the showers will diminish approaching the Interstate 95 corridor and the beaches.

The areas of dry versus showery weather may change as the weekend progresses.

Showers and spotty thunderstorms may collapse southward from New England to part of the mid-Atlantic during Saturday night and Sunday.

During Memorial Day, downpours associated with a potential tropical system may advance northward along the Atlantic coast.

How far north and how wet the weather gets will depend on the track and development of the system near the Bahamas.

"There is the potential for Memorial Day itself to be the wet and humid in much of the mid-Atlantic, while much of New England dries out and clears up," according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Jim Andrews.

If you have outdoor plans, you can check AccuWeather MinuteCast® for rain start and stop times over the next two hours.

The warmth will be felt on the mid-Atlantic beaches.

"The weather will be great to head to the beaches and lakes most days this weekend, but water temperatures are dangerously cool this time of the year," Andrews said.

Atlantic surf temperatures range from the upper 50s along Long Island and New Jersey to near 60 in Virginia.

Some people may have trouble adjusting to the warm and humid weather pattern. Those partaking in physical activity may want to tone down their intensity level and/or be sure to take breaks and drink plenty of liquids.

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