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1 month until Glastonbury: Thundery showers likely to soak 5-day festival

Glastonbury Festival will take place from 22 June to 26 June and initial forecasts call for a higher-than-normal chance for rainfall during the outdoor music festival.

Frequent depressions passing from the Northern Atlantic Ocean to near Scotland during the final 10 days of June will heighten the risk for rain and also bring the threat for thundery showers to Glastonbury.

Despite a history of heavy rainfall and flooding problems, the festival has been largely unscathed by any significant rainfall since 2010.

The exception was 2014 when around 50 mm (2 inches) of rain caused flooding, and lightning forced the festival to be shut down for a brief time.

Normal temperatures during the end of June feature a high temperature near 21 C (70 F) with a nighttime low near 11 C (52 F).

An early outlook for this years event calls for near- to below-normal temperatures; however, a heightened risk for rainfall could cause daytime temperatures to fall short of 21 C (70 F) for several days during the festival.

While the temperature peaked near 27 C (81 F) in 2010, temperatures this year will be closer to 18-21 C (64-70 F) each afternoon.

With an increased risk for rain and lower-than-normal daytime temperatures, festivalgoers will want to be prepared with jackets, wellies and plenty of extra clothes.

"People should be be aware of their surroundings and pay attention to weather warnings that can occur because of flooding downpours and lightning," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said.