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Chicago: Sunshine, mild air to return late this week

Mild air will hold strong in the Chicago area late this week and into the weekend.

For the first two weeks of May, temperatures averaged roughly 3 degrees Fahrenheit below average, making it a chilly first half of the month. However, the upcoming stretch of dry, warmer weather will mark the end of the cold conditions this spring.

Temperatures will rise into the low 60s on Wednesday, still below normal. However, a high pressure system will move away from the area yielding warmer conditions late in the week.

"The warm air will also bring a stream of clouds into the region on Friday," AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Englund said.

Temperatures will climb to the upper 60s before the weekend.

"Saturday could even reach into the 70s," Englund said.

The city will stay dry into early next week outside of a small chance of rain on Saturday.