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2016 UK summer forecast: Frequent storms to keep heat at bay

The recent warmth that graced the United Kingdom may have been a taste of the upcoming summer season, which will lack extreme heat and feature frequent wet weather.

High pressure sitting to the west of Ireland and the U.K. will keep extreme heat at bay and also direct Atlantic depressions between Iceland and the British Isles.

While the center of the depressions will often pass near or north of Scotland, rain will frequent much of the U.K.

The heaviest rain will stretch across Northern Ireland, western Scotland and northwest England. Occasional thunderstorms are possible, with downpours, lightning and small hail.

"After a wet start to 2016, the unsettled weather will continue into the summer months, which means there could be enhanced localized flooding, especially in areas that are trying to still clean up from the floods in early winter," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said.

The depressions that sweep through the U.K. and Ireland will bring temperatures to seasonable levels and prevent any long spells of summertime heat.

The frequency of these storms will likely result in no extended heat waves for the Isles.

"No extended heat waves are forecast for the Isles," Roys said. "But this doesn't mean the U.K. won't have temperatures in the upper 20s C (mid-80s F) at times."

The summer of 2015 featured record-breaking highs across the United Kingdom, with temperatures soaring to 36 C (98 F) in London on July 1. The scorching heat interrupted matches at Wimbledon, a situation not likely to occur this year.

The early part of the summer will kick off with cooler conditions before the peak of the heat arrives in July and August.

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