Germany: Chilly, showery spell to persist into last week of April

The chilly and showery weather unfolding in Germany this weekend will persist into the last week of April.

Chilly air streaming into Germany will continue to do so into at least the first half of next week as a dip in the jet stream sets up over central Europe.

Temperatures in most communities will be held below 10 C (50 F) from Sunday to Wednesday. Highs ranging from 14-17 C (57-62 F) are more common in late April.

Places that escape freezing temperatures on Saturday night will not be as lucky on Sunday night. The main exceptions will be toward the coast and along the border of the Netherlands.

Residents who have already tended to flower beds will want to cover sensitive plants or move them indoors.

Anyone with outdoor plans will want to grab a jacket. This includes those in Munich who are headed to the Spring Festival or the first rounds of the BMW Open tennis tournament.

In addition, residents will want to keep umbrellas handy as the showery weather from this weekend will persist into the new week. Additional periods of snow will stream into the Alps, while snow showers will make a few appearances in the Harz and Ore mountains and the Black and Bohemian forests.

The showers will mostly cause minor inconveniences to those with outdoor plans, but there will be a couple of exceptions.

Gusty showers will accompany the cold front ushering in fresh chilly air on Monday.

"This line of showers will bring wind gusts to 80 km/h (50 mph) along with a period of heavy rain," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said. Isolated power cuts and tree damage can result.

These gusty showers will reach Cologne, Bremen and Hamburg on Monday before spreading to Frankfurt and toward Berlin at night.

The stage will then be set for a couple of rumbles of thunder to accompany the showers across northern and central Germany from Tuesday into Wednesday.

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