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UK: Chilly, showery spell to erase spring warmth through the end of April

Chilly and showery weather spreading into the United Kingdom by this weekend will continue to dominate into the last week of April.

A change in the weather pattern will allow a persistent flow of chilly air from the arctic to stream into the U.K. for the end of April.

The cooler air will arrive on Friday in the wake of a cold front and will hold firm through most of next week as a dip in the jet stream sets up over the North Sea.

Temperatures will be below normal daily, generally on the order of 2-4 degrees Celsius (4-8 degrees Fahrenheit). Highs in late April typically range from 11-15 C (52-59 F).

By the middle of next week, most communities away from the coast and the major urban areas will experience air frost at night.

The cool spell comes after the highest temperature so far this year in the U.K., 20.3 C (68.5 F), was recorded at Porthmadog on Thursday, according to the Met Office.

Episodes of gusty winds will make the air feel cooler than actual temperature readings. Residents will definitely want to grab a jacket before heading outdoors.

Brollies should also be kept handy as systems frequently riding along the jet stream will cause showers to make a daily appearance in the U.K. Heavy rainfall is expected to remain absent, but the showery spells can cause minor inconveniences to those with plans outdoors.

This weekend, showers threaten to put a damper on the Harrogate Spring Flower Show and on Sunday's London Marathon for the afternoon hours.

"Showers on Saturday will be moving from north to south across the U.K.," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said. "The showers will occur from the late-morning onward for England and Wales."

The London Marathon is shaping up to be one of the coldest on record with temperatures around 6-7 C (43-45 F) at the start of the race with a high of 11 C (51 F) during the afternoon.

"The lowest temperature ever recorded at Heathrow International Airport during the marathon is 5.3 C (41.5 F), while the highest is 22.2 C (72.0 F), according to the Met Office," AccuWeather Meteorologist Eric Leister said.

The air will be cold enough for the showers to turn wintry in the highest elevations of the Highlands this weekend. As even colder air arrives during the first half of next week, the wintry showers may expand to the higher ground of the Pennines.