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Rain to end record warmth across US West Coast by late week

Following a stretch of record warmth across the U.S. West Coast since last weekend, rain and cooler air will arrive to end the week.

"After a quiet several days, the pattern will turn unsettled again by Friday," AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson said.

Record highs were set on one or multiple days since last weekend from Washington to northern California, including the cities of Portland, Oregon, Seattle and San Francisco. The arrival of rain and cooler air will send highs closer to normal for Friday and the upcoming weekend.

"Rumbles of thunder are also possible across portions of western California," Adamson said. This includes the cities of Santa Rosa, San Francisco and Sacramento.

Some of these storms could become strong and produce locally damaging winds and heavy rainfall.

On the other hand, any dry thunderstorm, with lightning and little rain, has the potential to start a wildfire.

Moderate to heavy rain could reach parts of western Washington and Oregon. Enough cold air will be present to bring snow to the Cascades and the Sierra Nevada.

"Accumulating snow should be limited to elevations over 5,000 feet, but over 6 inches may fall at elevations over 7,000 feet," Adamson said. "Therefore, campers and hikers will need to be prepared for a return of winterlike weather."

Those driving through Donner Pass should use caution as roads could quickly become snow covered.

While there may be a little rain impacting the morning commute to work along Interstate 5 from Seattle to Sacramento on Friday, those heading home to start the weekend should be alert for wet and slippery roads due to the combination of rain and oil buildup from vehicles.

"There could be some minor travel delays on the road and in the air as a result of the rain, but the bigger concern will be disruptions to outdoor activities," AccuWeather Meteorologist Matt Rinde said.

Enough rain could delay or postpone any minor league baseball games on Friday night as well as the major league matchup between the San Francisco Giants and the Miami Marlins.

Little, if any, rain will reach Southern California which will be good news for those heading to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. However, gusty winds may be problematic for campers at the festival.

Any rain that falls across California will be a welcome sight as April transitions from the wet season to the dry season.

"The weather should quiet down Saturday into Saturday night, especially in California, but showers will still be possible across Washington and Oregon," Adamson said.

The rain gear will be needed for those heading to Seattle on Saturday night for a soccer matchup with the Colorado Rapids.

The potential remains for additional storms to bring rain to the West Coast next week. Record-challenging warmth is not expected to return for the rest of the month.

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