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High wind threat to return to New England Thursday

Another round of high winds could threaten lives, property and travel in part of the Northeastern states on Thursday.

A storm swinging eastward across the Great Lakes will create a strong southerly flow of air along the Atlantic Seaboard by Thursday.

"Many locations will have gusts to 40 mph which is typically not a major problem," according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Bernie Rayno. "However, gusts as high as 60 mph can occur in New England, which is plenty strong enough to down trees, large tree limbs and power lines."

"The strongest winds will occur along the coast, but will also extend to some of the ridges well inland," Rayno said.

Southerly to southeasterly winds will ramp up and likely plateau Thursday morning in the mid-Atlantic.

In southern New England, the strongest gusts are likely Thursday afternoon.

The high winds will shift toward northern New England Thursday evening.

Minor property damage is possible and sporadic power outages are likely in New England.

Low-altitude turbulence and strong crosswinds can cause difficulties for pilots.

The strong winds will impact steering for motorists. Conditions will be much worse over high bridges that are perpendicular to the south to southeast winds.

The wet conditions of late have made for loose soil conditions, so trees can topple easily.

People should use caution when driving through wooded areas and avoid standing or parking beneath trees.

Due to the strong onshore winds and the proximity of the new moon, a brief period of minor coastal flooding can occur at times of high tide on Thursday into Thursday night from New Jersey to Maine.

A different setup produced high winds over a large part of the mid-Atlantic and southern New England last weekend. During last weekend, the high winds occurred as arctic air blasted to the Atlantic coast following a strengthening storm.

This time the strongest winds will occur as the storm approaches and while it is warm out.

Blustery conditions are also in the offing as colder air settles eastward on Friday, but winds will be much less forceful as the cold air moves in, when compared to last weekend.

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