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Rainy spells to dampen the United Kingdom into Monday

Despite winds easing, rainy spells will interfere with outdoor plans across the United Kingdom into Monday.

"The systems this weekend and Monday will be more of a nuisance to residents," AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Richards said.

The bouts of rain will not trigger flooding nor will they be accompanied by damaging winds; however, rain may cause inconveniences for travelers and those with outdoor plans.

Residents will want to pack umbrellas and wellies before leaving home.

The wettest conditions this weekend will be found in Northern Ireland, southwestern Scotland, North West England and western Wales. Occasional rain on Saturday will taper to more scattered showers on Sunday.

Odd showers will dampen the remainder of the U.K.

The weekend is expected to start on a dry note in London, Norwich, Peterborough and Nottingham as showers approach the coast of the English Channel.

Rain will arrive by Saturday evening, however, becoming the wettest period of the weekend for southeastern England.

An isolated shower or two will then linger into Sunday. Odds favor the showers occurring in the afternoon hours rather than the morning.

Rainfall will be light and only briefly interrupt outdoor plans of those enjoying the otherwise mild weather dominating this weekend.

Temperatures this weekend will approach or exceed 15 C (59 F) from South East England to the Midlands. Sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend.

Highs in the lower teens C (lower 50s F) are more common in early April.

Farther to the north, Saturday's rain will hold temperatures slightly below to near normal in Belfast and Glasgow.

The unsettled weather across the U.K. will persist into Monday as another depression arrives from the south.

This system will likely track farther east than the weekend system, causing Monday to be wetter than the daylight hours of this weekend for most of England.

The rain in some communities could cause minor flight delays, while drivers may encounter slower travel due to wet roads and spray from other vehicles.

"[Despite Monday's rain,] temperatures will not dip significantly across England," Richards said.

Monday's rain will taper to more isolated showers for Tuesday. A cold front will then follow for Wednesday and Thursday, ushering in numerous showers and gusty winds.

However, the latest indications do not point toward the return of widespread damaging winds or flooding rain.

"Bouts of showers will continue for the rest of the workweek," Richards said.