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Late-week rain to soak eastern US

A storm producing snow and cold in the Rockies through the middle of the week will swing eastward with drenching rain in store for the Atlantic Seaboard by the end of the week.

The rain will follow a period of dry weather and some sunshine at midweek over much of the region. The best bets for outdoor activities will be Tuesday and Wednesday.

From Thursday to Friday, enough rain can fall to cause slow travel on the major highways. A low cloud ceiling associated with the rain could cause airline delays from Florida to Maine.

Outdoor sports activities, such as softball, lacrosse, tennis, golf, high school and collegiate baseball and track and field, could be adversely affected by the late-week rainy weather.

The return of wet weather may hold off until Thursday afternoon and evening in the coastal Northeast.

While the rain will progress steadily from west to east and will likely clear much of the Appalachians during Friday afternoon, the rain could linger into part of or all of the busy Friday evening rush hour along Interstate 95.

Since the rain will make steady progress, the odds are against widespread flooding problems along the East Coast. Generally speaking, an inch or less of rain is likely along much of the Atlantic Seaboard.

However, where the rain begins earlier in the week and lingers for a time there could be some trouble for the South Central states.

The rain will precede an outbreak of much colder air the will plunge across the Upper Midwest and sweep into the Northeast this coming weekend.