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Germany: Wet midweek to yield to warm and dry weekend

Wet weather will continue across Germany during the middle of the week, but drier and warmer weather is on the horizon.

An area of low pressure tracking across the North Sea will spread rainfall throughout Germany on Wednesday.

The rain will be most widespread across the north, impacting Bremen, Hamburg, Flensburg and Stralsund. The steadiest rain is forecast in the morning with showers lingering through the afternoon.

Rainfall will be briefer farther south with scattered showers throughout the day in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne and Munich.

While rainfall across northern Germany will end Wednesday night, a storm approaching from France will continue the threat for rain across central Germany into Thursday.

Areas from Dusseldorf to Cologne and Frankfurt eastward to Leipzig and Dresden can expect rainfall during the day on Thursday.

The steadiest rainfall is expected from Cologne to Frankfurt Thursday afternoon into Thursday night with rainfall totals of 12-25 mm (0.50-1.00 inch).

South of this area, warm air will surge northward from the Mediterranean bringing the warmest day of the year thus far to Stuttgart and Munich on Thursday as temperatures climb to near 21 C (70 F).

North of the rain, temperatures be more seasonable on Thursday with highs ranging from 10-12 C (50-54 F) from Hamburg to Berlin.

Rain will exit Germany from north to south on Friday giving way to a drier and much milder weekend across the entire country.

High temperatures on Sunday will range from 16-19C (60-66 F) across the northern half of the country to as high as 21 C (70 F) in Frankfurt and Munich.