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Storm Katie departs UK on Monday, travel delays still a concern

Showery weather and windy conditions from Storm Katie may exacerbate already congested travel for those heading home on the first bank holiday of the year.

A record number of travelers are expected to venture out over the Easter holiday.

According to the RAC, 3.6 million travelers are predicted to make the trip home on Easter Monday, making it one of the busiest travel days so far this year.

Despite Storm Katie rapidly pulling away from the United Kingdom on Monday, lingering impacts may continue to slow travel.

Rain and wind on Monday morning will bring the greatest impacts across the South and East of England. Wind and rain in London may still be significant enough to delay early morning flights in or out of Heathrow and Gatwick. Rain and wind will both lessen through the morning in southeastern England, reducing delays for the afternoon.

Early on Monday morning, wind gusts may still reach 50-70 mph from Norfolk to Kent, most likely near the coast. Coastal areas in Lincolnshire could also see gusts upwards of 50 mph. More commonly, wind gusts of 30-50 mph will be felt across southern England during the morning. As Katie moves further away from Great Britain, wind will diminish across all areas through the afternoon.

Wind gusts could still lead to sporadic power cuts and downed tree limbs in the Southeast. This will be the most likely during the morning as Katie remains nearby.

Across much of Wales, western England and Scotland, scattered showers will last through much of the day, even after Katie moves into the North Sea. Roads will be wet at times causing more difficult travel, but major impacts should be avoided.

The best of any dry weather across Britain will be found across eastern Scotland. Northern Ireland will be a close second with just odd showers throughout the day.

By Tuesday, winds across the southern UK will subside, with just a moderate breeze along Wales and southern England. Light showers will continue over England, Wales and parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland throughout the day.

Despite odd showers during the middle of the week, Wednesday and Thursday will tend to be drier days with occasional sunny breaks.