Storm Katie may escalate travel delays across the UK on Easter Monday

Showery weather and increasingly windy conditions from Storm Katie may exacerbate already congested travel for those heading home on the first bank holiday of the year.

A record number of travelers are expected to venture out this Easter weekend.

According to the RAC, 3.6 million travelers are predicted to make the trip home on Easter Monday, making it one of the busiest travel days so far this year.

Those in southern England and Wales will not only be dealing with road and airport congestion but will also be battling adverse weather.

After waves of lingering showers, some thundery, occur on Sunday, wet weather will persist into Sunday night across Wales and England.

Steadier rain will move in around midnight on Sunday in South West England and southern Wales before spreading over southern England and the rest of Wales by Monday morning.

This push of heavier of rain will be the start of the impacts from Storm Katie.

Strengthening winds will accompany the heavy rain. The strong breeze across southern England and Wales on Sunday will continue as far north as Manchester and York on Monday, with gale winds possible along the southern coasts of England.

"Winds could gust between 50 and 60 mph from South West England to East England on Monday," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said. "Gusts as high as 75 mph will be possible, mainly on the southern facing shores of southern England."

As travelers head back to Heathrow and Gatwick airports, elevated wind gusts and wind-whipped rain will cause low visibility, potentially leading to more delays.

"Sporadic power outages and downed trees will also be a concern for those traveling on roadways on Monday," Roys said.

Due to the wind and rain anticipated to cause even more travel disruptions into late on Monday, the Met Office named Storm Katie early on Friday afternoon. This early warning will hopefully provide travelers with enough time to make other alternative plans and to be prepared for the storm.

Storm impacts will wane Monday evening, with lingering showers and decreasing winds.

By Tuesday, winds across the southern UK will subside, with just breezy conditions along southern England. Light showers will continue over England, Wales and parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland throughout the day.