High winds and rain to batter Germany following damp Easter Sunday

After a wet Easter Sunday, gusty winds into Tuesday could cause travel delays for those heading home after the holiday.

A front sweeping into northern and western Germany on Sunday morning will bring some rain to the cities of Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt. Thunder may accompany the rain in extreme western Germany, right along the German border with Belgium and the Netherlands.

On Easter Sunday, a period of rain will diminish into showers, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys.

"By the time the showers approach Berlin, they will be much more isolated," Roys said.

The rain will extend farther east during the afternoon, just barely reaching the western suburbs of Berlin and Munich. More clouds will reach eastern Germany by the afternoon, following early sunshine in that region.

A brief period of dry weather will settle over the country on Sunday night and early on Easter Monday.

A storm, which was named Storm Katie by the UK Met Office on Friday, will bring unsettled weather back to western Germany on Monday afternoon.

"Showers are expected for areas of Schelwig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Rhineland-Pfalz and Saarland by Monday afternoon," Roys added.

However, the more noticeable effect from the system will be the increasing winds throughout the day on Monday.

In western Germany, wind gusts of 55-75 km/h (35-45 mph) are likely on Monday. The wind will be strong enough to cause travel delays for those heading back after the Easter holiday. Sporadic power outages and downed trees are also possible.

Breezy conditions will reach farther east into central and northeastern Germany by the afternoon.

Light showers will be widespread across Germany on Tuesday. Additionally, widespread wind gusts of 45-65 km/h (28-40 mph) will continue to linger from Hamburg to Munich throughout the day.

Gusty conditions will shift into eastern Germany Tuesday night before calmer weather returns by the middle of the week.