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US Easter forecast: Rain, storms may ruin outdoor activities from Ohio Valley to Gulf Coast

As people await the upcoming Easter holiday, rain and thunderstorms could dampen outdoor festivities from the upper Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast as well as the northwestern United States.

Those planning on attending sunrise or morning services and Easter egg hunts, be sure to keep up to date on the weather by using ​AccuWeather Minutecast®.

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Rain, thunderstorms to ruin outdoor activities from the Ohio Valley to Gulf Coast

An approaching storm from the west will bring rain and thunderstorms from Illinois to the Gulf Coast states on Easter Sunday.

"Rain and thunderstorms will occur across much of the Deep South and Gulf Coast states, so umbrellas will be needed for sunrise services," AccuWeather Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said.

Cities within this zone include Houston; New Orleans; Mobile, Alabama; and Tallahassee, Florida.

Those traveling across eastern Texas and Louisiana should use caution as roads could quickly become ponded with water due to the recent flooding across the area.

There is the potential some storms could become severe, mainly along the Gulf Coast.

"Easter egg hunts may have to be brought indoors in New Orleans and Birmingham, Alabama," Pydynowski said.

Farther north, a steady rain will fall from Springfield and St. Louis, Missouri, to Chicago. Be sure to keep umbrellas and raincoats handy for any outdoor plans.

Showers to dampen festivities across Pacific Northwest

Another storm will crash into the northwestern United States on Sunday, but it will be far from a complete washout.

Showers will reach coastal Washington and Oregon during Saturday night and linger through Sunday. Rain jackets will be needed for anyone attending a sunrise service or Easter egg hunt.

The steadiest showers will occur from Seattle to Portland and Medford, Oregon. Showers will extend farther inland into Idaho and western Montana, but any showers will be light and spotty.

Snow showers will occur across the higher elevations.

Dry conditions in store across East, Plains and Southwest

Dry, mild weather is in store across the eastern and southwestern United States.

"Much of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast will be dry on Easter Sunday and sunrise services should not be all that cold," Pydynowski said.

Early morning temperatures will range from the mid- to upper 30s to lower 40s F. While heavy winter coats can stay at home, a spring jacket may be needed.

Highs by the afternoon will rebound into the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Winter coats, however, will be needed in the morning across the Plains and Rockies with temperatures below freezing from Minneapolis to Omaha, Nebraska and Denver.

While clouds will partially cover the sky across the East, much of the Plains and Southwest will have plenty of sunshine for any outdoor activities. Those heading outdoors should remember to bring sunglasses.