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National Weather Service experiences delays to key weather forecast model

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"[NCEP Central Operations and Environmental Modeling Center staff continue to troubleshoot the problem with the [8 a.m. EDT Sunday] GFS," NCEP stated.

"This type of delay with the GFS, the U.S. primary global forecast model, is very unusual and will cause challenges across the weather community as forecasters perform last-minute tweaks to the forecast on the impending significant snowstorm in the northeastern U.S.," AccuWeather Vice President of Research and Development Jonathan Porter said.

The GFS and other computer models are tools meteorologists use to determine timing, snow amounts, precipitation type, temperatures and a variety of other impactful information during a snowstorm.

"Additionally, the GFS model as a global forecast model is used by weather forecasters all over the world to prepare their forecasts and serve as needed input to other forecast models, which operate at a higher resolution of detail over a smaller area," Porter said.

NCEP reports that delays are approaching two hours and "will grow longer."

"The delays are getting so significant at this point, NCEP may need to cancel the run completely, which I can only remember happening a few times in the last ten years," Porter said.

"AccuWeather's forecasts will not be impacted by this issue as our forecasters and forecast systems make use of a variety of weather forecast models, delivered from all over the world in construction of our global forecasts," Porter said.