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Germany: Showers to dampen Palm Sunday festivities

Though much of the country will remain dry on Palm Sunday, those planning to venture outside in northern Germany will want to prepare for a damp day.

Showers are expected from Dresden to Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen on Sunday.

"The day will not be a washout as the showers will tend to be spotty with only light rainfall," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said.

"However, that will be enough to make residents want to grab an umbrella and jacket before leaving home."

Accompanying the showers will be a thick overcast sky making for a damp and dreary day.

The dampness, occasional gusty winds and lack of sunshine will make it feel even cooler than the actual temperature, which will range from 7-9 C (44-48 F) during the afternoon.

Central Germany from Frankfurt to Nuremberg will remain drier than areas to the north, but thick clouds will prevail throughout the day.

Temperatures will be seasonable with highs ranging from 7-10 C (44-50 F), though the lack of sunshine may make it feel chilly at times.

The best weather for outdoor activities will be found across southern Germany on Sunday. Sunshine will prevail across much of Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria.

The exception will be northern parts of both states where cloudier skies will develop.

Areas from Stuttgart to Munich will enjoy sunshine with high temperatures climbing to 9-11 C (48-52 F) and no threat for showers.