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UK dry spell to end next week as showers return

The recent largely dry weather across the United Kingdom will continue into this weekend.

A strong area of high pressure will shield the U.K. from any significant rainfall as storms pass well north and west of the British Isles.

Despite patchy morning fog and low clouds, this weather pattern will yield comfortable afternoons for outdoor plans.

This fog and low clouds will be most widespread in eastern and southern England as well as Scotland through Sunday.

This combination of low clouds and fog will cause temperatures to remain seasonable, despite the dry weather. High temperatures will range from 8-10 C (46-50 F) each day through the weekend.

Farther west, there will be more sunshine and higher temperatures in South West England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

High temperatures will reach 11-13 C (52-56 F) away from the coast on Friday with slightly cooler but seasonable temperatures expected Saturday and Sunday.

A storm approaching from the north will cause plenty of clouds across the U.K. on Monday with scattered showers. The highest risk for showers will be across Scotland and England.

High pressure will weaken and move southward next week, ending the recent dry spell.

Even though there will be more opportunities for rainfall, no significant storms are expected through Easter Sunday.