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Storms to bypass UK as dry spell continues this week

A dry week overall for the United Kingdom will yield comfortable afternoons for outdoor plans.

The dry weather that began late last week will continue this week ahead as high pressure remains anchored to the north of Scotland.

This strong area of high pressure will shield the U.K. from any significant rainfall as storms pass well north and west of the British Isles.

The result of this weather pattern will be largely dry days and nights with near- to slightly above-normal temperatures.

Days will start with patchy fog and low clouds in some areas with sunshine prevailing for most locations during the afternoon.

Tuesday will start with low clouds and fog throughout much of England. Clouds will be stubborn, slowly giving way to increasing sunshine from west to east during the midday and afternoon.

Aside from areas of morning fog, sunshine will prevail across Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Afternoon temperatures will range from 9-11 C (48-52 F) throughout England while climbing as high as 13 C (56 F) in parts of Wales, Northern Ireland and western Scotland.

Wednesday will feature more sunshine across Southern England following some morning fog. A cloudier day is expected from Wales through northern England and eastern Scotland. Sunshine will continue to prevail from Northern Ireland into western Scotland.

High temperatures will range from 8-10 C (46-50 F) across England, Wales and eastern Scotland with temperatures averaging 10-12 C (50-54 F) in western Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Aside from areas of morning fog on Thursday, sunshine will prevail throughout the U.K. with temperatures ranging from 9-12 C (48-54 F).

Dry and generally pleasant weather will continue from Friday into early next week before a storm passing to the north of Scotland brings the chance of showers and chilly winds.