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Quick snow to coat southern Germany on Tuesday

A fast-moving storm will bring accumulating snowfall to southern Germany on Tuesday.

Bavaria is expected to get the most widespread snowfall while snowflakes will fall as far north as Dresden and as far west as Mannheim and the southwestern border with France.

While much of the snow will not accumulate during the daytime over most areas in the lower elevations, the higher terrain of southern Germany will receive several centimeters of snow.

In the lower elevations, there could be a slushy coating to 2 cm is possible in Nuremberg, Ingolstadt, Augsburg and Munich. Much of the accumulation will occur on non-paved surfaces with roadways remaining mainly wet into the afternoon.

Afternoon high temperatures will climb to around 2 C (36 F) in southern Bavaria before falling below zero C (32 F) Tuesday night. These falling temperatures will cause any untreated surfaces to become icy.

There will be lingering flurries across southern Germany Tuesday night; however, no additional accumulation is expected.

High pressure to the northwest of Germany will strengthen and provide dry weather to the country from Wednesday into the weekend.

Along with the dry weather, temperatures will slowly moderate from Wednesday into Friday. Friday's high temperatures will range from 8-10 C (46-50 F) from Berlin to Hamburg, Hanover and Dortmund.

Farther south, temperatures are expected to reach 10-12 C (50-54 F) from Cologne to Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Munich.

Along with the milder weather, each day will feature some sunshine, although morning fog can cause some travel problems from Hamburg to Bremen and Dusseldorf.

Cooler air will return again this weekend, causing temperatures to fall several degrees countrywide. More clouds and even a few brief showers will accompany the cooler weather.

Any showers will last less than 20 minutes and most areas will remain rain-free both Saturday and Sunday. The greatest threat for showers is expected from Frankfurt to Dresden.