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Pittsburgh: New week to bring more mild days despite rain

Mild days will continue to dominate the new week in Pittsburgh despite a turn to unsettled weather.

Storms will frequently cross the Northeast during the new week, leading to showers on a nearly daily basis. A thunderstorm will also rumble on one or two occasions.

The storms will not be extremely potent, limiting the impacts of the showers and thunderstorms to disruptions to outdoor activities and slower travel at times.

There will be breaks in the unsettled weather, giving residents an opportunity to enjoy another stretch of mild days that will dominate the new week.

Temperatures Monday into Wednesday will rise into the 60s, when highs in the upper 40s are more common.

The air will turn progressively cooler later in the week as a storm from the Midwest arrives. Harsh cold will not be ushered in. Temperatures will instead be returned to more seasonable levels. It is not out of the question for a few snowflakes to fly, especially in the mountains.

Further cooling may follow for the first few days of spring, which starts on Sunday, March 20.