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Warmest air of the year so far aimed at the Northeast, mid-Atlantic next week

Temperatures are set to soar over the eastern part of the nation during the first full week of March.

Temperatures are expected to reach or even top 70 degrees Fahrenheit in many places during the middle of next week, including New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

"After a blast of chilly air across the East over the weekend, temperatures will be off to the races for the first part of next week as a strong southwesterly flow brings warmer air northward," said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski.

Just like recent warm spells, the strong flow will produce gusty winds over 30 mph at times.

The warmer weather will be perfect for outdoor activities, especially during the middle of the week.

"Highs can be around 20-25 degrees above average on Tuesday and Wednesday," Pydynowski continued.

While much of next week will feature temperatures well above average, Wednesday looks to be the warmest day for most places, when records will be challenged.

Record High Temperatures: Wednesday, Mar. 9
City, State Record High Wed. (F) (Year) City, State Record High Wed. (F) (Year)
Bangor, Maine 54 (2012) New York City 69 (2000)
Portland, Maine 55 (2012) Albany, N.Y. 68 (2000)
Boston 72 (2000) Allentown, Pa. 70 (2000)
Providence, R.I. 66 (2002) Philadelphia 73 (2000)
Hartford, Conn. 72 (2000) Wilmington, Del. 74 (2000)

Most of the records that are vulnerable are in the Northeast. Farther south in the mid-Atlantic, records are around or even above 80 degrees, which will probably be out of reach in this warm spell.

This warmup will be fueled by an area of high pressure centered between the Carolina coast and Bermuda. This is the same system that will bring the warm weather to the Plains and Midwest this weekend.

The clockwise flow around this high will bring a persistent southwesterly flow into the East, which will keep the warm air coming throughout the week.

By Thursday and Friday, a backdoor cold front may slide southward across New England, bringing temperatures closer to average in places like Boston, Providence, Rhode Island and Hartford, Connecticut.

Across the mid-Atlantic, the warm weather is likely to persist into next weekend.