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10 recipes to keep you warm on a snowy day

When snow and cold hits, you can stay warm inside and try some of these snow day recipes.

Apple-cinnamon pancakes

Start the snowy day with a warm cozy and healthy dish. These pancakes are wheat-free and include a mixture of almond and white rice flour. A small amount of milk is used to help create a thick and fluffy texture to the pancakes. Top the pancakes with some maple syrup, apple slices and a bit of cinnamon.


If you have lots of people stuck inside with you on the snowy day, work together to make lasagna! While there are many ways to make lasagna, this recipe is more basic for those who may have not made it before. With this recipe, some things will need to be made from scratch but their are pre-made components. Nothing warms you up like a meaty and cheesy meal.

Beef stew

A delicious beef stew will be sure to help you to keep warm a snowy day. This recipe will take a time commitment, though it will make plenty of servings to share. The best part about beef stew is that you can use fewer, additional or different ingredients that you think will work best.

Chili with pasta and cheddar

This dish is a variation on the classic warm and cozy winter food: chili. If looking for a hearty meal, this chili recipe includes "a tasty amalgamation of spices, ground beef, and velvety vegetables sitting atop a bed of buttery noodles," as stated on The Kitchn's website. Top off the chili with a nice helping of cheddar cheese (or any cheese that you prefer).

Five-cheese baked mac and cheese

This comfort food dish will sure to make you feel warm and cozy after eating it. This mac and cheese recipe uses five different types of cheese and it is not very difficult to make. This dish also adds some crunch with a homemade crouton topping.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup

This classic feel-good dish is perfect for a snow day. The soup-and-sandwich pairing includes tomato soup that includes pesto and adds bacon to the grilled cheese sandwich. This is an ideal lunch or dinner for one (or you can make more to share).

Roasted chicken with winter vegetables

Use the snow day to have a hearty meal with the family. This easy and "hassle-free" dish includes roasted winter vegetables such as turnips and potatoes to add amazing flavor. Feel free to add other vegetables that your family enjoys.

Chicken pot pie

Warm up with this great family meal. This recipe is loaded with chicken and many hearty root vegetables that will be sure to make everyone at the table full. Though the dish may not be the simplest to prepare, it only takes about an hour to make and it serves six.

Toasted marshmallow squares

There's nothing like a sweet dessert to round out a hearty meal on a winter day. These toasted marshmallow squares need three main ingredients: vanilla bean crust, cherry jam and toasted marshmallows. Feel free to substitute nutella or chocolate in for the jam if preferred.

Buttermilk banana bread

Warm up the house by baking and enjoy a different take on banana bread with this recipe. Using buttermilk and bananas together will help create a light, moist bread. It is a great dish to make especially if you are unsure of what to do with overripe bananas.

Let us know your favorite warm and cozy winter recipe in the comments below.