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UK spring forecast: Heavy rain to wane across Northern England as flood threat shifts southward

The winter season brought numerous named storms to the United Kingdom. Strong winds caused power cuts to thousands while frequent rain and, at times, wintry conditions caused disruptions to travel.

Perhaps the most significant impacts of this winter, however, struck Northern England, as relentless heavy rainfall caused deadly flooding around Christmas time.

From 1 December through 14 February, Keswick, Cumbria, received over 36 inches of rain, more than double the city's average for the entire winter season.

Into the springtime, the threat of heavy rain will wane across Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Typical spring showers will occur, but rain and snow in the north will be subdued.

"I could see some more storminess into March, especially through the first half of the month," AccuWeather Long-Range Meteorologist Jason Nicholls said.

"So, there can still be some problems in these areas at the onset of spring, but improvement will come in mid to late season."

As the wet weather eases up, residents will finally have opportunities to tackle recent flood damage.

Northern Ireland and Scotland will also experience longer stretches of tranquil weather following a very stormy winter.

Though the weather pattern is poised to alleviate the threat of flooding in the north, the risk will shift southward, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys.

The spring season across the Midlands and the South and Eastern England will be defined by rainy spells. Overall, the region will get normal to slightly above-normal rainfall.

"A drier-than-normal winter in these areas will prevent anything more than minor spring flooding from occurring," Roys said.

The West Midlands and South West will face an increased risk for flooding, though it's not forecast to become as severe as that which plagued areas farther north.

Despite the chance for rain to spoil outdoor activities, the southern U.K. will have mild spells in the early season. Elsewhere, prolonged warmth is not expected until late April and May.