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Germany: Showers to put a damper on Valentine's Day

Umbrellas will be needed on Valentine's Day as scattered showers overspread Germany.

Showers pushing into southern and western Germany on Saturday will encompass more of the country on Sunday.

The scattered nature of the showers will prevent Valentine's Day from being a washout across the country, leading to dry breaks at times.

However, the showers will still put a damper on any outdoor plans for Valentine's Day. Residents will want to carry along an umbrella or be prepared to temporarily move indoors.

The showers will likely be most numerous from the southwestern corner near Stuttgart and Saarbrucken to Hamburg and Bremen. On the other hand, the showers will tend to be more isolated and only lightly dampen Berlin, Dresden and Dusseldorf.

Snow will fall and create slick travel in the Alps.

Despite the showers and accompanying clouds, temperatures will once again climb above normal across central and southern Germany on Sunday.

High temperatures will range from around 5-6 C (42-43 F) in Berlin and Dusseldorf to around 9 C (49 F) in Munich.

The air will feel like mid-February should across northern Germany, with temperatures closer to normal and a brisk wind creating even lower AccuWeather RealFeel® temperatures.

RealFeels will average between minus 4 C and minus 2 C (20s F) most of the day in Hamburg and Bremen, forcing residents to bundle up.

The cooler air will spill into southern Germany on Monday, while a storm is being monitored to track from the Mediterranean Sea to northeastern Europe early next week. This storm could spread steadier rain across southern Germany with the potential for some snow, especially in the hills.