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NYC crane collapse kills 1 as snowstorm ushers in gusty winds

One person was killed in New York City on Friday morning when a crane collapsed during a period of gusty winds.

Construction crews were working to secure the crane when it collapsed. Workers were instructed to secure the crane as winds approached the 25-mph mark, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

One person sitting in a parked car was killed. Three injuries were reported, two of them serious. None of the construction workers suffered any injuries.

Construction crane collapses in lower Manhattan

Peak wind gusts hit 23 mph at 8 a.m. Snow was falling at the time of the incident, bringing visibility down to a quarter of a mile.

"It is possible that the crane was hit by stronger winds due to its height and any funneling between buildings that might have enhanced the winds locally," AccuWeather Meteorologist Jordan Root said.

The crane, about 15 stories tall, crashed into buildings and smashed cars as it fell in Tribeca. Officials closed off the area and instructed people to avoid the area.