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PHOTOS: Rare rainbow clouds adorn UK sky following Storm Henry

Just days after Gertrude brought damaging wind gusts to the United Kingdom, Storm Henry, the eighth named winter storm of the season, slammed Britain with another round of showers and powerful wind.

The worst impacts from Henry were felt across Scotland where wind gusts over 60 mph (97 km/h) were common. The strongest winds lashed the Isles and Highlands.

Henry brought wind gusts of 148 mph (238 km/h) to the summit of Cairngorm Mountain in Scotland and caused power cuts to more than 11,000 homes, according to The Scotsman.

According to The Guardian, the strong winds also resulted in multiple road closures and the suspension of train services during the worst of the storm Monday afternoon and evening in Scotland.

Rail travel remained disrupted into Tuesday morning due to debris blown onto tracks across Scotland.

The Forth Road Bridge was limited to car traffic following accidents involving a van and lorry being blown off the roadway. The BBC added that numerous schools were cancelled in the Highlands and Western Isles due to this powerful storm.

The strong winds also produced phenomenal waves and coastal flooding in western Scotland as large swells pounded the coastline.

Even though Scotland faced the brunt of Storm Henry's power, strong winds whipped across the rest of the United Kingdom as well. Wind gusts over 60 mph (97 km/h) were common in Northern Ireland and northern England. Even southern England, including Great London, experienced wind gusts of 40-50 mph (65-80 km/h).

In the wake of Henry, spectacular clouds were spotted across parts of the United Kingdom. These clouds are known as nacreous clouds and form very high in the atmosphere where temperatures are extremely cold.

A brief pause from the recent rain and disruptive winds is expected during the middle of the week; however, another series of storms will renew the threat for heavy rainfall and damaging winds this weekend into early next week.