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Springlike warmth to accompany showers in Germany this week

Despite a soggy week across much of Germany, temperatures will surge well above normal into Thursday.

So far, January has been a chilly month for cities like Berlin and Hamburg.

Temperatures early last week were some of the lowest this season, when Hamburg dropped to minus 7 C (19 F) on the morning of 18 January before falling just short of the freezing mark in the afternoon.

Normal low temperatures for mid-January are around minus 2 C (28 F) and high temperatures are around 2 C (36 F).

The new week will bring a wave of warmer air across much of Germany.

"It will be a very different feel for the end of the month. Afternoon highs for the last week of January will reach 4 to 8 C (7 to 14 F) above normal," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said.

Rounds of showers will cross the northern half of Germany on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, showers will be isolated.

Showers are likely to be heavier on Wednesday with a weak front settling over the northern half of the country. Areas from North-Rhine Westphalia to Brandenburg will see occasional showers during the day and into Wednesday night.

Accompanying the showers will be springlike warmth.

High pressure helping to keep much of southern Europe dry will funnel in warm Mediterranean air, making it feel much more like spring.

"Berlin could reach 10 C (50 F) on Wednesday, well above the normal of 1 C (34 F) for late January," Roys said.

Temperatures around 10 C are more typical of late March.

A new front will bring the heaviest rain of the week to northwestern Germany late on Wednesday night.

Areas from Dusseldorf and Cologne to Hamburg and Hanover could receive as much as 5-10 mm before drying out in the morning.