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Germany: Mild spell to raise temperatures above freezing for first time in a week

After a wintry start to the weekend, a turn to milder weather will allow Germany to thaw out during the final week of January.

For most of Germany, this weekend will feature temperatures rising above freezing for the first time in a week.

Temperatures will climb to 1 to 4 C (middle to upper 30s F) in eastern Germany and 4 to 7 C (40 to 45 F) in western half of the country.

The warmer air will prevent the rain returning on Sunday from falling as snow or ice in northern and central areas. If the rain survives to Bavaria later Sunday, AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys is concerned that icy spots may form.

Next week, a change in the weather pattern will lead to even milder air and further reduce the potential for any wintry weather.

"An area of low pressure that is east of Greenland will swing toward the North Pole to bring an active storm track to central and northern Europe," Roys said. "That will allow mild air to pour in."

Next week will be dominated by above-normal temperatures.

On most days, highs will be around 6 degrees Celsius (10 degrees Fahrenheit) above normal. Highs of 1 to 4 C (33 to 40 F) are more common in late January.

While residents will not have to bundle up as much when heading outdoors, umbrellas will be needed at times.

Showers will occasionally move through the country next week, especially in northern areas.