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Arctic plunge to produce significant lake-effect snow across Great Lakes into Tuesday

As the coldest air of the season builds across the midwestern and northeastern United States, a significant lake-effect snowstorm will unfold across the Great Lakes.

Lake-effect snow will develop after the passage of a strong cold front into Sunday night. Lake-effect snow is expected to organize downwind of lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron during Sunday evening and lakes Erie and Ontario by Sunday night.

"A cold northwest flow over the Great Lakes will lead to heavy lake-effect snow bands early this week," AccuWeather Meteorologist Ed Vallee said.

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Those heading to work on Monday morning will need to be alert for blinding snow and dangerous travel conditions. Road conditions can go from dry to a white out in less than a mile.

"With these bands, blinding whiteout conditions will be likely along with snow-covered roads, making travel difficult for a time," Vallee said.

Should you lose control of your vehicle and swerve off the road, never leave your vehicle to go find help. Turn on your flashers and call 911.

"Snowfall rates in the heaviest bands will be 2 to 4 inches per hour and make driving nearly impossible," AccuWeather Meteorologist Michael Doll said.

How heavy the snow falls could shut down portions of interstate 75, 79, 81, 86, 90, 94 and 96 as crews may struggle to keep the roads clear.

"Sections of interstates 90 and 81 in and around Syracuse may be closed for a time as well as I-90 between Erie and Buffalo," Doll said.

Locations that may receive a foot or more of snow through Monday night include Seney and Boyne City, Michigan; Saugeen Shores, Ontario; Waterford, Pennsylvania; and Jamestown and Syracuse, New York.

These bands have the potential to stretch as far east as southern New England.

Some locations which received several inches of snow this past week from lake-effect will receive another round of heavy snow to begin this week.

Lake-effect snow will wind down on Tuesday as an area of high pressure aloft will slowly weaken the bands throughout the day.

Any additional significant lake-effect snow events are not expect to occur across the Great Lakes from Wednesday into the upcoming weekend.