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Below-normal rainfall continues to raise drought concerns in eastern Spain

As storm after storm hits northwestern Spain, southern and eastern areas of the country are desperate for rain.

The month of November showed a significant difference across the country in terms of rainfall.

According to the State Meteorology Agency of Spain, areas of Aragon and Catalonia to eastern Andalucia had rainfall well below normal from 1 November to 1 December.

The months of December and January have so far done very little to make up the deficit in most of this area.

"This is a pattern we saw coming in autumn. We expected storms throughout winter would track into western Europe, with only the southern extents of them reaching northern Spain," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said.

Barcelona has received under 2 mm (0.08 of an inch) of rain in the new year as of 12 January, keeping quite a distance from the monthly average of 31 mm (1.22 inches).

Meanwhile, Vigo in southern Galicia has received 334 mm (13.17 inches) of rain in the same twelve days, which is three and a half times the January average of 91 mm (3.60 inches).

The rain that has reached Galicia, Asturias and western parts of Castile y Leon alleviated some of the drought woes that came in the area at the end of autumn.

"While drought is no longer a concern in Galicia, there has been so much rain in a short time, that flooding is now a concern into the end of January," Roys added.

"Every storm system that moves across the country will aggregate existing flooding issues in the northwest but could improve conditions on the eastern coast if the rain makes it that far," Roys said.

Good fortune for both areas will come on Friday, when a front will linger across the southern half of the country with a drying pattern moving into Galicia and Asturias.

Drier weather is in the forecast for much of the country Saturday and Sunday, adding to the below-normal rainfall issues along the eastern coast of Spain.