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January overview: Outbreaks of rain to persist across UK while wind storms are expected to subside

The unrelenting wet pattern across the United Kingdom is one that will likely continue into the end of the month.

Rounds of rain, heavy enough at times to cause flooding issues, have been hitting the British Isles over the past few weeks.

Only a little additional rainfall could aggravate already swollen rivers and streams.

On Wednesday night and into Thursday, a front will cross the British Isles, once again bringing outbreaks of rain from Northern Ireland into Wales, England and Scotland.

Enough cool air will be present in the Highlands of Scotland for a change over to snow on Thursday.

Showery weather continues through Friday before another surge of moisture arrives for the weekend.

"It's normal for the U.K. to get persistent rain throughout much of the winter," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said. "However, damaging wind storms are expected to shut down, which is unusual for this typically windy time of year."

Storms with wind as strong as Storm Eva or Storm Frank are not expected into late January.

Winds, however, could pick up some when an occasional front passes the area, including Wednesday night into Thursday. Gusts could reach 35 mph (about 55 km/h). Winds of this magnitude are not expected to cause widespread damage; however, localized travel delays are possible.

One short break from the unrelenting wet weather may arrive during the middle of January.

"Mid-month could be a time where there is a three- to five-day break from the unrelenting rain," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Jason Nichols said. "Also at this time, it looks like a flow from the northwest could bring a quick shot of chilly air to the British Isles."

Following the cold snap, temperatures are expected to return to closer average, which is around 6 degrees Celsius (44 F) in London, Manchester and Glasgow, for the remainder of January.