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Early week showers across flood-weary UK

Showers will continue through the beginning of the week across the already flood-weary United Kingdom. A slow-moving low pressure system will move from Ireland to England early this week.

While the low pressure centre will not pack as large of a punch as Storm Frank which crossed the region last week, additional rainfall will cause any lasting flood waters to be slow to recede.

Last week, rainfall from Frank amounted up to 85 mm (3.35 inches) across parts of Scotland, while rainfall amounts averaged between 40 and 65 mm (1.50 and 2.50 inches) across Wales, northern England and Northern Ireland.

The heaviest of the rain through the early week will fall across eastern Scotland, likely between Aberdeen and Edinburgh. From Monday into Tuesday 25-50 mm (1-2 inches) of rain is expected. To accompany the rain in this region, a strong southeasterly wind will blow. Gales on the North Sea will lead to dangerous boating conditions.

Longer spells of rain can also wet the southwest of England.

Many of the hardest-hit areas of Wales and northern England will see somewhat of a break early this week with only scattered showers and sunny intervals expected. Through Tuesday, rain amounts will average less than 13 mm (0.50 of an inch) in most areas. Despite generally light rainfall, any additional rain will cause streams to be slower to recede.

Rainfall in London early this will be minimal as lengthy dry spells are expected on Monday and on Tuesday. While the odd shower could dampen outdoor activities, rain should not be heavy enough to cancel most.

As the low pressure centre drifts across Wales and England early in the week, the wind will be lighter than past days, especially on Tuesday. This includes cities from Liverpool to Manchester and London.

On Wednesday, it will be a largely dry day across southern Britain with bright or sunny periods. This is in advance of another front that will bring rain and wind Wednesday night and on Thursday.