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Spain: Three unique New Year's Eve festivities to enjoy for the mild holiday

While most festivities feature fireworks and the centuries' old tradition of eating 12 grapes for good luck in the new year across Spain, there are unique celebrations throughout the country.

Those celebrating the arrival of 2016 across Spain can expect mild and dry conditions, ideal for outdoor celebrations.

We've compiled a list of three unique celebrations and an early look at anticipated weather conditions for revelers heading out to ring in the new year.


One of the newest New Year's Eve traditions in Spain takes place next to Montjuic's Magic Fountain in Barcelona.

The event starts an hour before midnight and features music, performing arts and a firework display with celebrations continuing though much of the night.

Those in Barcelona to celebrate the new year can expect temperatures to fall to 8 to 9 C (46 to 48 F) at night, followed by a high of 13 to 15 C (55 to 59 F) on New Year's Day.


Another emerging New Year's Eve tradition has begun to appear in towns such as Pamplona.

Party-goers in this city, as well as in Coin and Najera, dress up in costumes to bid farewell to the old year and to welcome the new year.

This new tradition starts shortly after midnight when droves of people rush into the streets in their costumes, creating an incredibly festive atmosphere that lasts until dawn.

Party-goers may want to wear a warm costume for these celebrations with temperatures at night forecast to fall as low as 2 C (37 F).


Estepona is home to a more traditional celebration in which people gather around the Plaza del Reloj and are provided with party hats, streamers and balloons.

At midnight, everyone at the plaza partakes in the countrywide grape-eating tradition followed by music and a dazzling fireworks display.

Estepona will be one of the warmest places in the country to bring in the new year with temperatures only dropping down to around 10-11 C (50-52 F) on New Year's Eve.