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Second red alert for smog issued for Beijing

The city government in Beijing, China, has issued the second-ever red alert for smog, The Associated Press reported.

This alert will be in effect from Saturday through Tuesday.

Calm winds and the lack of any precipitation are the main contributors to dangerous smog levels from Saturday to Tuesday.

The deadly smog particles are expected to reach 20 times the level that is considered safe by the World Health Organization, the AP said.

The same restrictions for this alert will be in place compared to the previous red alert last week.

Outdoor construction will be limited and schools will be closed until the red alert is lifted. Outdoor barbecues are also prohibited, according to the AP.

Cars will only be allowed to drive on alternate days based on whether the number on the license plate ends in an odd or even number.

Those with respiratory problems should refrain from going outside until conditions improve. Those with pets should bring them indoors and prevent them from staying outside for extended periods of time.

As a storm system passes to the south and east of Beijing later Tuesday and Tuesday night, winds out of the northwest should displace a lot of the smog out of the city by Wednesday.

Power plants that run on coal are a main contributor to poor air quality in the city.