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Three New Year's Eve Celebrations Only a Train Ride Away From France

As the calendar turns to 2016, various celebrations will commemorate the New Year across Europe, many of which are only a train ride away.

Paris, France, Comes Alive With Revelers

Paris comes alive on New Year's Eve as revelers sip champagne and hot wine in the streets, cafes overflow with patrons and a dazzling light display dances across the Eiffel Tower.

This year, as high pressure dominates over the area, New Year's Eve will be milder than normal, with temperatures reaching 9-10 C (48-50 F).

Fireworks Blast Across the Sky in London, England

A spectacular fireworks display will illuminate the River Thames in London on Dec. 31. Thousands will gather to watch the show, which takes place at the London Eye.

Due to the popularity of the event, the show has been ticketed since 2014, so make sure you reserve one before planning a trip.

Mild air will greet spectators for the event with temperatures between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius (46-50 F).

Costumed Revelers to Bid Farewell to Year in Pampalona, Spain

In Pampalona, Spain, a new tradition has emerged over recent years.

Party-goers in this city, as well as in Coin and Najera, will dress up in costumes to bid farewell to 2015 and ring in the new year.

Festivities typically begin just after midnight when droves of costumed participants rush into the streets. The revelry usually last until dawn.

Warmer-than-normal weather will grace the region this year with temperatures lingering around 5 C, roughly 2 degrees Celsius above normal.