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Spain: End in Sight to Prolonged Dry Spell

After prolonged dry weather across the country, rain is finally in store for Spain to end the weekend and start the new week.

With high pressure dominating the pattern into Saturday, sunshine and a few clouds will continue for most of Spain and Portugal. Some communities will start each day with areas of low clouds and fog.

"High pressure has influenced the weather pattern across Spain for a while now. When the storm track sets up north of the high [across France and the United Kingdom], it tends to stay that way," AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Richards said.

Many places across the country have had below-normal rainfall since the start of autumn, including the city of Madrid.

From Sept. 1 to Dec. 10, the normal amount of rainfall is about 150 mm (5.9 inches) in the city. In that same timeframe this year, only 67.5 mm (2.66 inches) have fallen, 45 percent of the average.

As of Dec. 10, no measurable rain had fallen in Madrid since Nov. 6.

A couple of showers reaching the southern coastline from Isla Cristina to Cadiz Saturday afternoon will be a sign of an upcoming changing weather pattern.

The high that has remained over Spain will move into Italy and the Balkans late in the weekend. This will allow a front to bring more clouds and rain into northwestern Spain and Portugal Sunday afternoon and night.

While the clouds and rain in the west will prevent the Geminid meteor shower from being seen, clearer skies in eastern Spain, including around Barcelona, will be good news for skygazers.

The steadiest rain will fall across parts of western Portugal and northwest Spain. Some rain will dampen Madrid on Monday, but it should fizzle before reaching Costa del Sol and Costa Brava.

Although no record-breaking rainfall is expected, it will be enough rain to make for some slick road conditions and to cause ponding on the roadways.

"Overall, rainfall amounts will reach 6-12 mm (0.25-0.75 of an inch) through Monday evening," Richards said. "However, a few places could reach 25 mm (1 inch), especially across Galicia."

Behind this front, other storm systems should deliver additional periods of rain to western and northern parts of Spain next week. Dry weather, however, will likely hold in the southeast.