Record-Breaking, October-Like Warmth to Surge Across Eastern US This Weekend

The mild air that has been felt across much of the eastern United States this week will be capped off by record-breaking warmth for the second weekend of December.

Temperatures are forecast to climb to levels more typical of October.

Warmth Increases Late Week

For most of the East, high temperatures will range between 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit above where they normally should be for almost halfway through December. Temperatures in some areas could climb to 30 degrees above normal this weekend.

"Areas across the East will have several days in a row of record or near-record warmth through Monday," stated Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski.

The warmth this weekend is forecast to approach and likely tie or break numerous temperature records that have held since the 1800s.

"For example, highs in the upper 60s in Washington, D.C., this Saturday will come very close to the record high of 71 set in 1873. Sunday's record of 71 from 1889 will also be challenged," said Pydynowski.

In addition to D.C., records will also be challenged across most of the East including Little Rock, Arkansas; Nashville; Detroit; Charlotte, North Carolina; Pittsburgh; Baltimore; Philadelphia; New York City and Buffalo, New York.

"To put into perspective how mild it will be, overnight low temperatures will be higher than the average daytime high temperature for this time of year," Meteorologist Michael Doll said.

Complementing these warm conditions will be mostly dry and sunny conditions for much of the East. The only exception will be a few showers across the Ohio Valley and into the Great Lakes, western Pennsylvania and upstate New York on Saturday, which will swing into northern New England on Sunday. Both days will not be a washout by any means across these locations as showers will be brief and light.

Holiday shoppers should have no issues with any weather-related delays on the roadways when heading out to the local malls or markets this weekend. This is good news for retailers as the weather has a large impact on holiday sales.

The weather will also cooperate for the Army vs. Navy football game in Philadelphia on Saturday and NFL football games on Sunday. Fans could leave jackets in the closet both days as partial sunshine and warmth are expected to prevail for many cities.

While warmth is in store through the weekend, a front that is forecast to bring flooding, severe weather and snow to the central United States will arrive in the East early next week.

"This front is expected to sweep through the region late on Monday, bringing lower temperatures for Tuesday. Many areas [across the East], however, will still be rather mild and above normal for this time of year," stated Pydynowski.

The lack of any winterlike chill across the East has not been uncommon for the past couple of months. The month of November was one of the warmest months on record for many Eastern cities. This unseasonably warm pattern has continued right through the beginning of December and is forecast to hold through Christmas.

This is in contrast to last November and December when blasts of arctic air were common across the Midwest and East.

Snow and cold lovers may have to wait until the new year to experience winterlike weather, thanks to El Niño.