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WATCH: Storm Desmond's Fierce Winds Reverse Flow of Waterfall in Faroe Islands

Storm Desmond displayed its ferocious wind strength in the Faroe Islands over the weekend before lashing the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In Gásadalur, a coastal area on the westernmost island, strong winds battled a raging waterfall, nearly stopping it in its tracks.

Water was forced backwards as wind gusts topped near 100 mph (160 km/h) in the area.

"Desmond was a fast-moving storm that moved from Iceland to Norway in a span of 24 hours," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said.

Strong Wind Forces Waterfall to Flow Upwards

Winds pushed from the southwest, leading to the resistance of the water against its normal flow straight down.

As the storm moved into the United Kingdom, winds and heavy rain led to widespread damage and power outages. In Cumbria, more than 262 mm (10 inches) of rain fell in just two days, inundating the area.

Peak wind gusts of 60-80 mph (95-130 km/h) were recorded across the region on Saturday.