Spain: Mild, Dry Weather to Grip Much of Country at Late Week

Dry and comfortable weather is forecast for Spain later this week.

A strong area of high pressure staying overhead of southern Europe will be responsible for keeping storms away from the country.

The only chance of rain will occur on Thursday morning when spotty drizzle will develop across portions of eastern and southeastern Spain, said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews.

Temperatures during Thursday and Friday will range between 10-21 C (50-7 F). The warmest conditions will be felt across the southern portion of the country. Temperatures in locations such as Malaga will be near 17 C (63 F), while further inland at cities such as Seville, temperatures will be several degrees higher in the 19-20 C (67-68 F) range.

Areas of patchy fog in the morning will also be common before giving way to partly sunny to mostly skies as the days develop. However, the morning fog cause cause delays in air travel.

Temperatures will remain normal in Barcelona with highs near 15 C (59 F) and slightly above normal in Madrid as temperatures hold near 14 C (57 F). Nighttime low temperatures will settle near 7 C (45 F) in Barcelona, while Madrid will be near 7 C on Thursday and 4 C (40 F) on Friday.