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France: Showers to Dampen North on Friday; South to Stay Dry

High pressure centered to the west of Spain will provide dry weather to much of France on Thursday.

The exception will be northern France where a frontal boundary will approach late in the day, bringing a shower to the northern coastline.

Temperatures will be mild in western and southern France where temperatures will range from 10-14 C (50-58 F). Central and northeastern France will be cooler with temperatures ranging from 7-10 C (44-50 F).

The front will progress southward Thursday night before stalling across northern France on Friday.

This will continue the threat for showers across the northern half of France through Friday. Be sure to pack an umbrella if you will be traveling around Paris, Nantes, Le Havre or Reims.

Rainfall will generally be light and average less than 6 mm (0.25 of an inch), so travel impacts will be minimal.

Across southern France, high pressure will hold strong on Thursday with dry weather and a mixture of clouds and sunshine.

The greatest amount of sunshine will be found across the south of France where temperatures will range from 12-16 C (54-60 F) on Friday.

Aside from isolated showers in far northern France, the weekend will feature dry weather and above-normal temperatures.