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Germany: Mild Air to Hang on Into This Weekend; Winds to Whip the North

Mild conditions will continue across Germany into the weekend, but gusty winds will make being outside less than ideal in northern areas.

After a cold front delivers a band of showers on Friday, high pressure will build overhead for this weekend.

With the high located to the south, mild air will continue to pour into Germany. Temperatures each day will climb about 5 degrees Celsius (10 degrees Fahrenheit) above normal. Sunday is shaping up to the warmest day of the weekend.

After a mild November, the above-average warmth is a continuation of the same pattern. Temperatures in Berlin averaged roughly 3 degrees C (5 degrees F) above normal for the entire month.

Dry weather and some sunshine will complement the mild conditions across central and southern areas, meaning those planning to visit Christmas markets or participate in other outdoor activities will not have to worry about bundling up or carrying along an umbrella.

This weekend will be a perfect opportunity for those wanting to put up holiday outdoor decorations.

That will not be the case across northern Germany. In fact, loose lawn decorations could get tossed around and damaged this weekend as gusty winds from the southwest howl.

Winds will gust to or past 65 km/h (40 mph) from Hamburg northward this weekend.

The greatest threat for the winds to cause power outages, tree damage and travel delays will be along the coast of the North Sea, where wind gusts will approach 95 km/h (60 mph).

The arrival of a cold front will also drop spotty showers into northern Germany to end the weekend. Due to the winds, residents will have a difficult time hanging onto umbrellas.