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France: Mild Weather to Continue This Weekend

Chilly air will remain on hold across France this weekend with only showers threatening to ruin outdoor plans in the north on Sunday.

After a cold front leads to a couple of showers in the northeast on Friday, an area of high pressure will build overhead and bring dry weather back to the country this weekend.

Those planning to visit Christmas markets or enjoy other outdoor activities will encounter both dry and mild conditions.

However, there will be more clouds than sunshine in the north and patchy morning fog in other parts of the nation.

The one exception to the dry weather will be across northern France on Sunday as a cold front slips southward and delivers spotty showers. The damaging winds associated with the front will remain to the north.

Despite the clouds, relatively mild air will prevail this weekend. Sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend with highs averaging 5-6 degrees Celsius (about 10 degrees Fahrenheit) above normal.

The first few days of December have been warmer than normal, marking a continuation of November's mild pattern. Temperatures in Paris averaged roughly 4 degrees Celsius (7 degrees Fahrenheit) above normal for the month of November.

AccuWeather Staff Writer Jillian MacMath contributed to the content of this story.