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UK and Ireland Brace for Late-Week Wind Storm

A fast-moving storm will bring rain to Ireland and the United Kingdom on Thursday before a more powerful storm system brings widespread damaging winds from Friday into the weekend.

Heavy rain will spread from southern Ireland into northern Wales, northern England and southern Scotland on Thursday. Rainfall amounts in excess of 25 mm (1 inch) are possible resulting in localized flooding.

Rain will fall across southern Wales and England from Thursday afternoon into Thursday evening. While flooding is not expected, umbrellas will be necessary for those traveling outdoors.

A powerful storm will follow from Friday into Saturday bringing the threat for damaging winds to all of the United Kingdom and Ireland with additional flooding possible in some areas.

Winds will increase across the entire region Friday, with powerful winds in excess of 40 mph reaching western Ireland, Northern Ireland and western Scotland during the afternoon.

Isolated wind gusts up to 75 mph are possible in coastal and exposed locations as well as the higher terrain.

These strong winds will progress southward Friday night impacting the rest of Ireland, Wales and northern England.

Saturday, these powerful winds will continue to lash the region with gusts over 40 mph possible in Ireland, Wales and much of England including Greater London.

Tree damage, power outages and travel delays are expected during the worst of the storm.

Rounds of downpours are expected across Ireland, Northern Ireland, northern Wales and northwestern England from Friday afternoon through Saturday evening, elevating the risk for flooding.

Total rainfall through Sunday will average 25-75 mm (1-3 inches) with localized amounts over 100 mm (4 inches).

The weather will briefly turn more tranquil on Sunday before another fast-moving storm brings rain to southern Wales and England Sunday night.