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UK: Rainy Spells to Spread Across North Into Wednesday; South to Remain Mild

On the heels of a mild November, December will start with well above-normal temperatures across all of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Temperatures on Tuesday will range from 10-14 C (50-57 F) across Wales, England and Northern Ireland. Temperatures in Scotland will range from 8-12 C (46-54 F).

While it will be mild, rain will fall across Northern Ireland in the morning and last throughout the day in Scotland.

Largely dry weather is expected on Wales and England with a gusty southwest wind.

On Wednesday, showers will be widespread across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, with some rainfall reaching Wales and northern England in the afternoon.

Staying dry in central and southern England with continued unseasonable warmth.

Spells of rain will shift in Wales and England on Thursday, with drier weather expected across areas farther north.

On Friday, rain will return to Northern Ireland and Scotland as a potent storm system brings the return of strong winds to the United Kingdom.