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Ice Storm Encases Areas From Texas to Iowa

The first widespread ice storm of the season will slowly diminish over parts of the southern and central Plains, but areas of slippery travel will continue into Sunday morning.

The ice will continue to make for dangerous travel from western Texas to southwest Iowa into Sunday morning. The worst conditions will remain in the I-27, 35 and 40 corridors.

The storm has been responsible for cutting the power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses, mainly in Oklahoma. As of 6:00 a.m. CST, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015, Oklahoma Gas and Electric reported that more than 34,000 customers were without power.

Storm to Continue Over South Central US Through Sunday

Even though temperatures will slowly rise over the region into Sunday and will cause freezing rain to change to plain rain, stubborn areas of ice will remain on untreated and colder surfaces.

There will also be a few pockets of freezing rain and drizzle into early Sunday.

According to AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Alex Avalos, the heaviest freezing rain from the storm is over.

"Areas from Amarillo, Texas, to Wichita, Kansas will received an additional 0.1 of an inch of ice accumulation for the duration of the storm," Avalos said.

Some locations will have a total ice accretion to a thickness of 0.50 of an inch on exposed surfaces.

Even though some of the ice will begin to melt, new sporadic power outages may occur into early Sunday. This as melting ice causes tree branches to shift and contact power lines.

Motorists and pedestrians will need to be on the lookout for falling pieces of ice from trees, overpasses and passing trucks.

Because of the thickness of the ice in some locations, it may take the balance of Sunday until all secondary roads are cleared of ice or treated.

Drivers should exercise extreme caution as roads that appear wet could be covered with a clear, frozen glaze known as black ice.

As the ice storm winds down over the southern Plains, a new storm will spread a swath of heavy snow and some ice over the northern Plains to the Upper Midwest during Sunday night into Tuesday.