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Germany: Wind, Rain Continues into New Week

An active storm track across northern Europe will bring more wind and rain across Germany into the new week.

Unsettled conditions will remain across Germany on Sunday and on Monday as the next in a series of storm systems race from the United Kingdom into Scandinavia.

To accompany the showery conditions, there will be a blustery wind across the country, threatening to slow travel and cause isolated power cuts.

Wind gusts will be the strongest in northern parts of the country, and especially along the coast where gusts will be 80-95 km/h from Sunday afternoon into early Sunday night. Isolated gusts along the coast could exceed 95 kph. Areas from Bremen and Hamburg will be at the greatest risk for high winds. Further to the south and east, such as Frankfurt and Berlin, while it will be windy, gusts are expected to be a little lower.

While Monday will not be as windy, gusts in excess of 65 km/h will remain possible across the country, possibly bringing additional disruptions.

Accompanying the strong wind gusts, numerous showers will move across the county both days.

On Sunday, enough cold air will be in place across southern parts of the country that snow could mix with some of the showers. However, with temperature highs above freezing and showers remaining fairly brief, no accumulation is expected in most areas.

The higher terrain, such as the Bavarian Alps, Bohemian Forest and Ore Mountains, could receive a quick 2-5 cm (1-2 inches) due to colder temperatures and more persistent showers.

The rest of the country will have rounds of showers throughout the day with temperatures close to or even a little milder than average.

Due to the windy and showery conditions, travelers across the country may have to contend with delays, across on the ground and through the air. Wind and locally reduced visibility can lead to flight delays in Frankfurt and Berlin, as well as area in between. Strong wind will make travel difficult for high profile vehicles, especially in the north.