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New Round of Warmth Kicks Off December in the Northeast

After another brief shot of chilly air over the weekend, the month of December will start out milder across the Northeast.

Unlike the warmth around Thanksgiving, this warmup will be accompanied by clouds and rain.

The rain is not expected to be heavy, but umbrellas will come in handy on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Temperatures will surge into the 50s on Tuesday and Wednesday from Washington, D.C. to Boston. Some spots may even hit 60 F.

While not record-breaking warmth, the mild air will allow December to pick up where November left off. For many cities across the Northeast, this November will be one of the warmest on record.

The nighttime hours may be when the mild weather is most noticeable. Low temperatures will not drop below 50 in many spots on Tuesday night due to the clouds and showers.

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Temperatures will get a boost up from upstate New York into northern New England, but will come up well short of the warmth around Thanksgiving.

Syracuse, New York, will have temperatures bounce back to near 50 F by Wednesday, coming up well short of the 66-degree reading reached on Black Friday.

A cold front will begin to swing through on Wednesday, and should begin to introduce cooler and drier air by Thursday.

The arrival of the chillier air could be delayed by a storm system developing along the front, which would also help to produce a soaking rain across much of the Northeast on Wednesday.